Welcome to Hillfoot & Paws

We're a family-run business based in Glasgow, at the heart of Scotland.

Our journey began in 2018, inspired by our own Toy Terrier, Cookie. We struggled finding pet carriers that were comfortable and beds that wouldn't flatten so quickly, so we embarked on a mission. A mission to craft pet products that weren't just better, but redefine comfort and style, and embody both longevity and environmental responsibility in the pet world.

It all started with one sewing machine, a wagging tail, and an ambition fueled by love for pets.

Crafting with Care

Our materials

At Hillfoot & Paws, we select materials with care for your pet, the planet, and longevity. Our use of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabrics guarantees that our products are free from harmful substances. For enhanced durability and easy maintenance, selected items feature PETPROOF fabric, which resists damage from animal claws and repels pet hair for effortless cleaning.

Our journey to sustainability

Zero waste

Embracing a zero-waste philosophy, we repurpose fabric off-cuts into new products like toys, minimizing waste. This approach reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and dedication to a sustainable future by ensuring our products contribute to reducing environmental impact.

See our impact

Join our journey

While we don't claim perfection, we continuously strive to bring planet-conscious ideas to life—one product at a time. By choosing our brand, you're not just opting for high-quality pet products; you're joining a movement. A movement that champions environmental stewardship in the pet industry.

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Meet the team

Laura, Founder

Where the vision for Hillfoot & Paws was born! As a small business owner, there are a lot of hats to wear - from product development and supplier management to website design, but Laura's not just passionate about our business; she's the heartbeat of our mission.

Andrew, Operations

Andrew keeps us moving forward. Always looking for cool new ideas to help us grow, he's not just the brains behind our smooth operations, he's also the friendly face everyone knows and loves. Andrew makes sure
we're always stepping up our game and having fun along the way!

Jura, Product Design

The super creative one in the team! With years of experience in the textile industry, Jura brings our product ideas to life and infuses our office with laughter and innovative energy.

Rimas, Logistics

Rimas keeps us all organised and grounded. He makes sure everything's where it should be and the business runs smoothly. Cool, calm, and collected, Rimas is the steady hand that keeps our ship sailing smoothly.

Cookie, Product Tester/Model

The inspiration behind our brand (with a feature in our logo), Cookie takes all our products to the test, enjoys modelling and is an all-round good boy.

Rocky, Product Tester/Model

Cookie's best friend and foe, Rocky is an upcoming superstar model, product stress tester and of course also a very good boy who enjoys his treats!