Handcrafted Dog Beds

From refillable cushions made from scuff-resistant fabric, recycled plastic material or vegan leather, to cozy sofa-style beds for supreme comfort - find the perfect bed for your dog. Orthopedic mattresses are coming soon, designed to provide the ultimate support for your furry friend.

Reversable Dog Bed

Brand new: Reversable Dog Bed, handcrafted in Scotland.
Scuff Resistant. Four colour combinations can be made. Shop now.



Dog beds designed to combat throwaway culture

Embrace sustainability with our refillable dog cushions. Handmade with scuff resistant fabric for longevity and designed with the environment in mind, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

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In house Embroidery

Personalised Dog Beds

Give your pet’s bed a personalized touch with our in-house embroidery service. See product descriptions for thread colour and font options.

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It all started with one sewing machine, a wagging tail, and an ambition fueled by love for pets.

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