Hillfoot and Paws

Country Canine Eco Beds - Green

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Please select: Medium 90cm x 70cm

From Bottles to Dog Beds - Discover our recycled dog bed collection.


Each fabric metre is made from 52 recycled 0.5l plastic bottles.

The eco material we use for our Country Canine Dog Beds is also specifically designed to be pet friendly - combining softness, scuff resistance and liquid repellency. The material can withstand <100,000 rub count - this is approximately double of what is usually considered an industrial heavy duty material.

Fully washable 

Easily take off the cover for a wash, by unzipping the bottom of the bed. 

Inner pillow

Whilst the cover is liquid repellant, we've still used a waterproof material for the inner pillow to give that extra protection to your dog bed filling from accidents.

The inner pillow also has a zip in the middle. This allows you to access the filling - to adjust or refill as needed. This way we reduce the need for frequent replacements, and lessen waste. 

Filling - Refillable

The bed is filled with recycled hollowfibre. If there's too much filling, simply unzip the inner pillow and remove as much filling as needed. Keep it safe to refill the bed if required in the future.

Zero wastage

All off cuts and remaining fabric is used to create our new dog toy collection. 

Product details:
  • Colour: Green
  • Medium size: 90cm x 70cm
  • Large size: 110cm x 80cm
  • Inner pillow: Water resistant
  • Eco material piping around the edges
  • Care: Wipe down or use gentlest cycle available
  • Handmade with love and care on every stitch